Associate Partner Program


Do you love stylish, fashionable clothing? Are you the friend everyone always asks, "Where did you get that outfit?" Have you ever wanted to work in the Fashion Industry? Maybe you want to become a Fashion Stylist or build a Fashion Brand?

If any of those answer(s) are Yes! Yes! and Yes! I want you to consider becoming my Associate Partner. On March 17, 2023 I officially launched an opportunity to become an Associate Partner of KIKI COUTURE. At this time, I will only be accepting 25 into this very limited program. This is an opportunity to work from home, be self-employed, have control over your own career and financial goals by partnering with my fashion brand KIKI COUTURE.

My name is Cyndy Schatz-Johnson and I am the Founder and CEO of KIKI COUTURE. 

I live in Texas, southeast of San Antonio, with my husband Eric and our 5 furry kids (3 cats and 2 dogs). I have been a successful business owner for over 22 years. I have built many of my own brands and companies as well as owned an Advertising Agency helping many others build multi-million dollar businesses. A few years ago I chose to give up all my clients to take on what I consider my final business journey, something that resonates deep in my heart... working in the fashion industry while helping/teaching/giving others the opportunity to achieve their own success.

I've achieved many goals and now I want to help YOU reach YOUR goals and make a difference in YOUR life. If you have been looking for a way to become self-employed, work from home, reach your own career and financial goals, I hope I can help. I want to pour my heart and soul into your success if you are motivated and driven to reach your goals. The KIKI COUTURE Associate Partner Program will allow you to be a part of building a fashion brand without requiring the investment of thousands upon thousands to get it going.

What this is NOT:

  • This is NOT a free affiliate program with no real business mentorship or any personal time or effort from the owner to help you succeed. 
  • This is NOT a Multi-level Marketing or Pyramid Scheme requiring you to recruit others.
  • This is NOT a program requiring you to purchase inventory that you sell on your own.
  • This is NOT for someone who promotes or owns another fashion brand.

What this IS:

  • This IS an affordable way to become a self-employed entrepreneur in the fashion industry. There is a very small one-time fee/investment to become a partner and only $99 per year to remain active. There are 4 Levels of Partnership to make it very, very affordable. No matter what level you choose to start you can advance/grow into the highest level for maximum commissions and bonuses. This very small investment is you investing in yourself, in your future, and is your commitment to this partnership. 
  • This IS a partner program that offers a multitude of ways to earn commissions and bonuses with a clear path to success and opportunity to create a predictable, sustainable income. I have not found any program that offers as many ways to help you succeed in fashion. 
  • This IS an exclusive, unique and PROPRIETARY Program not available for the general public to review. It is open to everyone, but I am only offering private, one-on-one reviews.
  • This IS a program you can work on part time if you are currently employed seeking a way to become self-employed. 
  • This IS a program where the company owner is in the trenches WITH you, fully invested in your success.
I want ALL of my partners to succeed. I have invested SO MUCH (and will continue to invest more) time, money, and effort to make this program the best opportunity for you to achieve the income you desire. I include real mentorship,  all of my years of marketing experience and more ways than any other program for you to build sustainable, predictable, secure income. I want to ensure your success. As a partner, you will have a voice and you will be heard. We will find out your strengths together and use those attributes to create ways to help you be successful.

Because this is so limited, these spots will fill up fast. I am currently conducting one-on-one meetings and signing on partners individually.

If you are serious and motivated to succeed, please be sure to enter valid information in the form and I will send you my calendar to book a convenient time for us to chat one-on-one so you can ask all the questions you may have and make sure this is exactly the opportunity you've been searching for. I require your email and phone, because email may go into your Junk or Promotions. I will only send short text(s) when an email is sent to make sure you get the email. You will be required to confirm your information, so after you submit the form, you'll receive a text to confirm and email to confirm. Don't forget the confirmation or you won't receive the email to book your appointment.

I will be so honored and grateful to have you as my partner. I look forward to building a beautiful future for you....together.

My sincere thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you soon.