Our Story


Hello and welcome! Thank you for being interested enough in KIKI COUTURE to click to read about Our Story. My name is Cyndy Schatz-Johnson and I am the Founder and CEO of KIKI Signature Fashions LLC which includes our two brands KIKI COUTURE and KIKI SWIMWEAR. I live just outside of San Antonio, Texas with my husband Eric and the 20 little legs we have running around. I mean 2 dogs and 3 cats of course. *Smile* 

Although my first career was in Mechanical Engineering, I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, mostly in web development, graphics, and advertising. I gravitate toward anything artistic and creative. I get inspired by other successful entrepreneurs and my KIKI journey has been no different.

I learned to sew at 10 years old. I've made clothes for myself and family members on/off since then. I've always been a "girlie-girl" who loves to look stylish, but always lean toward the affordable over the super expensive brands. I'm a curvy girl too, so I also know the frustration of not finding cute clothes in my size. I vowed to make the brand focus for KIKI COUTURE be fashionable, trendy affordable clothing for women of all sizes. I strongly advocate for #bodypositivity and #allinclusive because I want every woman to feel confident and beautiful every day.


The KIKI brand name is in honor of the inspiration and reason I wanted to create a fashion brand in the first place, my dear late friend Kathleen Kirkwood (1959-2021). Kathleen was a Fashion Mogul, former Ford Model and a huge environmentalist who formed The B.R.A. Recycling Agency in 2010. With that, she created a patented process to extract the metal from bras with underwires to recycle the bra materials and pulverize into carpet padding. She taught me about Circular Fashion and how important it is to initiate a sustainability program. We donate all of our usable returns to local ministries helping those in need. We properly recycle  damaged goods.

Kathleen went by the nickname K.K. and so the inspiration for the name KIKI. Upon researching the meaning of KIKI, I discovered the word is often used to reference a fun gathering, a party, a girl's night out if you will. Other slang references KIKI as a fun girl, one who everyone loves to be around, so that is definitely who Kathleen was, and my vision of what the KIKI brand would represent... designer yet affordable, trendy fashions for women to feel good and have fun wearing.


I am a huge advocate for #BodyPositivity and want every single woman to know she is beautiful and lovely just the way she is. I am committed to create a tribe of women with the attitude of empowering other women. I am committed to offer a variety of clothing in as many extended sizes as possible for every woman to find something she will feel confident wearing and feel beautiful in. I want to encourage a diverse, all-inclusive community in our social networks, where every woman feels welcome and wanted.

I invite you to join our social communities @kikicoutureusa and @kikiswimwearusa on all networks. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Have a beautiful day.... every day.